Viral Video Boosts Sales of White Vans Sneakers

Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Vans(NEW YORK) — Damn, Daniel.

The viral video “Damn, Daniel” from earlier this year helped boost white Vans sales in the first-quarter as the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In the video, we see different candid shots of “Daniel” wearing Vans shoes, particularly a pair of white vans which the narrator takes note of: “Damn, Daniel. Back at it again with the white Vans.”

In an earnings call Friday for Vans parent company VF Corp., Chief Operating Officer Steven Rendle said white Vans sales “saw 100 percent sell-through in retail, direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels.”

“The national media attention the brand received is a wild demonstration of how creative expression, youth culture and loyalty can conspire to cause a phenomenon,” he said.

Although Vans total revenue was down 1 percent in quarter one, there was a mid-single digit percentage increase in the Americas.

The two California teens who created the video, Josh Holz and Daniel Lara, were featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they received a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers.

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